Welcome to the Kind Communities Project

Kindness is contagious ~ make it a habit ~ because if you’re being kind there’s no room for nasties

Why join the Kind Communities Project?

Imagine a social platform inspired by kindness. A positive platform full of inspiration + awesome people that's based on one simple human behaviour principal: Our brains can hold ONE piece of information at a time. If that thought is kind, there's no room for nasty. 🙌

Join our community + help us neutralise nastiness by inspiring, sharing + celebrating acts of kindness to create kinder communities that we love to live in.

Be part of a positive change

Our community, challenges + memberships are pretty special. We’re focused on ways to create ripples of kindness to make a positive difference in your life + others. From micro moments for busy lifestyles to major impact ideas ~ you'll find so many ways to create kindness.

Here's a little of what you'll find inside the Kind Communities Project:

  • An awesome positive community: Connect with like-minded individuals + organisations who value kindness + compassion. Who you surround yourself has a massive impact, so make it positive.
  • Smart people + science-based info: Learn from some really smart people who happily share strategies to promote positivity + neutralise nastiness. Access a library of ideas + information to learn + share.
  • Daily + Weekly inspirations + ideas: Access inspiration, support + encouragement to implement acts of kindness at home, school, work + in the community. Every little bit counts!

Join today

When you join the Kind Communities Project you’ll get access to our:

  • FREE Kindness Counts Challenge: Participate in a fun + engaging challenge that provides kindness inspiration, loads of ways to express kindness + create positive change in your community. This Challenge provides valuable insights + actionable steps, resulting in more kindness + stronger bonds between community members.
  • Tools, Tips + Inspiration: Access loads of free inspirations, ideas, tips, tools + resources, or choose a low cost membership to access even more amazing value. Templates, How To's, Swipe Files + more...
  • Circular Social Impact Initiatives: Volunteer for a worthy cause, come to or organise a community event, spread kindness at school or support kind companies in your local area. These are all ways you can get involved + incorporate kindness in your life. What goes around comes around, kind of like #KindnessKarma 
  • Kind Community Events: Attend virtual community events that promote kindness + connection. As a social enterprise, we pledge a percentage of our profits to relevant not-for-profits + worthy community causes. 

Available on web, mobile web or via the Mighty Networks App. Register + Log in, or scan the QR code below to download the Might Networks app + access the Kind Communities Project. See you in there!

Add more positivity + kindness to your world ~ Join today! 🌷